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新华社报道,国际货币基金组织(IMF)执董会11月30日批准人民币加入特别提款权(SDR)货币篮子,新的货币篮子将于2016年10月1日正式生效。 IMF当天发表声明说,执董会当天完成了五年一度的SDR货币篮子审议,认为人民币符合“入篮”的所有现有标准。自2016年10月1日起,人民币被认定为可自由使用货币,并将与美元、欧元、日元和英镑一道构成SDR货币篮子。 声明还说,...

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According to NewYorkTimes:Like many of her fellow classmates at New York University, Yanchu Zhao has a busy schedule. A college junior, she has a double major in economics and journalism, and juggles...

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20 Apr 2015

The Age of Unicorns

According to fortune(JANUARY 22, 2015): Stewart Butterfield had one objective when he set out to raise money for his startup last fall: a billion dollars or nothing. If he couldn’t reach a $1 billion...

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