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China-U.S. Chamber of Commerce is a U.S. government proved non-profit organization and it is also one of the most representative Chambers of Commerce in the United States. China-U.S. Chamber of Commerce has been strongly supported by the Asia-Pacific Advisory Committee of US President, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, and the Ministry of Commerce of Chinese Embassy Consulate. China-U.S. Chamber of Commerce develop members from the Chinese and American industry executives, with the help from these powerful members, China-U.S. Chamber of Commerce can easily promote and facilitate the harmony of economic developments in both China and the United States. China-U.S. Chamber of Commerce, with its strong and powerful resources, has built up cooperative relationships with well-known companies and organizations in both China and the United States.



Our Responsibilities:

1.   Establish the platform for opinion and benefits sharing between China and the US

2.   Promote information exchanges between Chinese and US companies, help member companies to seek opportunities, share experiences and enhance international cooperation and have better innovation

3.   Assist companies in China to have better consulting and inspection activities in the US

4.   Assist the potential companies in China to merge US Companies or issue IPO in the US market

5.   Guide US companies to invest or procure in China

6.   Assist Chinese companies searching for US partners; Assist US companies searching for Chinese partners

7.   Help Chinese companies to safeguard legal rights; Assist media and publicity work

8.   Provide immediately news, information, policy, regulation, and other consulting activity update to members


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